In this episode of Oh Snap! iz epic, Gabbie Brooks interviews special guest star Stephanie Morris. Stephanie is a second grader who weighs over 350 lbs! She would do anything to marry Jennifer Caliso, a close classmate. But when Gabbie lunged at Stephanie, questioning Jennifer she just said, "HE'S A GUY!" Are you sure? Gabbie was thinking. But when Fluffy Poncho crashes the interview, there's no knowing what secrets Stephanie has been keeping.

Scream N' Sketch

Host Mariah Krazino brings you up close and personal with Billy Buttscratch, and his brother, Billly the nerd. the two thought winning against superfan Louise Warlok was a no-brainer, but a selfish host turns the table.

Color Contest

Gabbie Brooks and Mariah Krazino compete in a drawing-off of destiny. Watch the episode. Who drew Fluffy Pncho better? Vote on Youtube, or the Snap Iz Epic Wiki Oh Snap Iz Epic Wiki.