Hi, I'm Abab9, I get the "A" in A&J, me and Jessica's hit News/ Talk Show.

Here we do Gossip reports and interviews from our school, *Homer's Little Village*. We do lot's of Juicy Reports, so check all the time.

Hit Report: Chlaya Tonio Rampage!

Chlaya, the most jerky girl in school won't get off oter student's chizzes. She gossips 24/7. We used to be good friends, until appparently, Chlaya thought I was embarrseing or something. WELL EXCUSE ME CHLAYA FOR HAVING HUMOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hit Blog: Unhumorous *Homer's Little Villagers*:

The 3 musketeeres. Watching the UMBRELLA HOMER (our school founder) TALENT BASH was terrible for me and my group who didn't make it in. Excuse us for having humor.

LAST & BEST READ: Why's  Abbey mad?

THANKS!!! :)